After you have successfully confirmed the order in our website, our EDUSHOP sales coordinator will coordinate with the vendor and courier on the delivery date.   We will update you as soon as possible by email of this notification.  You can expect to receive your order within the following time frame:

            In Metro Manila Areas: 1 – 7 calendar days (except Sundays and holidays)

            In Non-Metro Manila Areas: 5 – 12 calendar days (except Sundays and holidays)

Note: For orders of non-books, item(s) may be shipped via sea due to aviation/airline restrictions. Please expect an additional 15 days on top of the expected delivery date.

For orders of multiple items, shipping time will depend on the delivery of each vendor.  Our vendors are expected to deliver within 48 hours from receipt of orders. Please expect an additional 2-3 days from the time frame mentioned above.

TABLE OF  FREIGHT CHARGES.  The rates here are based on current charges of our couriers.  Changes may occur depending on the charges provided by our couriers.


We are unable to provide this service at the moment.  However, we are working closely with some service partners to allow us to better serve you in the future.

Your orders will be delivered only during regular working days. Please give us the name of your representative who will receive your order when you receive our delivery confirmation.

IMPORTANT: Please prepare an authorization letter stating the you are authorizing your representative  to receive your order. Please indicate the  PO#.

EDUSHOP will deliver your order to the address you provide during checkout. Should you need to change your delivery address afterward, please inform us as via email (edushop@primetradeasia.com)  soon as you receive the order confirmation so we can still change the address.

Please note that delivery charges might change depending on the location of the new delivery address.  We will send you a new billing  and you can pay through any of our payment facilities. Please indicate the order number in your deposit slip or payment receipt and email us a copy.

 NOTE: Delivery addresses can only be changed if orders have not yet been endorsed with  our courier.

Purchase order will be sent to you by EDUSHOP through email right after you have placed your order.

Please note that if you are using Dragon Pay for your payment option, processing will commence forty eight hours after you pay.

We will also send another email to keep you updated on the delivery of  your order.

Should you require an INVOICE for your order, kindly indicate your request for an INVOICE, as soon as you receive our order confirmation.

If you cannot place an order online, we can assist you to place your order over the phone. Please call EDUSHOP at any of the following telephone numbers : 632 896 0661 or 632 896 0682. 

Please look for Ms. Rho-anne Vinluan the  EDUSHOP  Sales Coordinator and please provide the ISBN and title of the books you wish to order and your complete delivery address.

Please note that you will need to deposit your payment though our account in BPI or BDO, and send us your deposit slip before we can process your order.


We accept institutional or corporate sales amounting to Ten Thousand Pesos and above. Please email edushopcorpsales@gmail.com for assistance in placing an order of multiple items.

Edushop can also help you locate rare and hard-to-find Philippine titles.  Please email your inquiry to :


Any order amounting to a minimum of Five Hundred pesos P500 will receive One (1) reward point.

EDUSHOP will update you on your rewards together with the order confirmation.

From time to time, you will receive announcements on how to claim your rewards points.

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